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Don't Get Yourself Into Legal Trouble

All published websites have to have certain legal requirements, and if you do not follow these requirements you could be in some serious trouble. By publishing these 3 legal statements, you could be saving yourself a lot of money in legal fees!

One of these requirements in a Cookie Policy. The Cookie Policy is a banner or notification that a visitor sees whenever they go to your website. It states that the website uses "cookies" to gather information about its users. Cookies is a fancy word for data - the users demographics, which can be used in marketing to help target more customers.

Another requirement along the same lines is the Privacy Policy. This is a policy that states any information freely given by the visitor on the site (including cookies) will be privately held by the website owner. If the company would like to sell the information to a third-party, it must state so in the Privacy Policy.

The last one isn't a legal requirement, but it's a good idea to have a Terms of Use published on your website anyway. This states the site rules for your visitors, like what they can and cannot post on your site. It's also a valuable publication because it says that all the information on the site is owned by the website owner and cannot be plagiarized.

We know these requirements can be very daunting for someone with no web experience. At Grizzly Media Company, we write all these for our clients so they don't have to sweat over it.


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